In all oil and gas matters our goal is to provide effective services to meet our clients’ needs. Our experience allows us to understand your concerns, and we will work actively with you to ensure you receive the full benefit of our expertise and obtain an appropriate resolution to your case.

For many years Joe Lehane ‘s practice has included an extensive amount of oil and gas related matters. This includes oil and gas matters related to freehold mineral rights as well as oil and gas surface rights matters.

With respect to freehold mineral rights, the services provided include:

  • Negotiation of new Petroleum & Natural Gas Leases
  • Review of existing Petroleum & Natural Gas Leases
  • Transfer of mines and minerals title
  • Estate planning for owners of freehold mines and minerals including establishing family mineral corporations or other estate planning measures.
  • Review and opinion on the validity of gross royalty trusts
  • Review of gross royalty trust agreements
  • Legal action to terminate gross royalty trusts
  • Agreements for partial termination of gross royalty trusts
  • Transfer of gross royalty trust certificates

With respect to oil and gas surface matters services include:

  • Negotiation of new surface leases
  • Review of existing surface leases including review of annual rentals
  • Negotiation of new pipeline right-of-way agreements
  • Review of existing pipeline right-of-way agreements
  • Negotiation of new power line agreements
  • Review of existing power line agreements
  • Negotiation and review of cell tower site agreements

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