Johnston Ming Manning LLP understands the importance of conducting business in an informed, efficient, and effective manner. You need to gather and analyze information, identify your options and understand the risks, rights and obligations that arise in your business relationships and transactions. Let the lawyers in our Commercial Transactions practice area work with you to protect and promote your business interests.

Buying and Selling a Business

Are you buying or selling assets or shares of a corporation? If you are buying or selling assets, how is the purchase price going to be allocated amongst those assets? Are you paying for goodwill or other intangibles? What inventory are you buying? If your transaction involves the transfer of shares in a corporation, how are capital gains being dealt with? What hidden liabilities might come along with those shares? These and other issues should be addressed at the time you are preparing the offer to purchase or sell. We can help you to achieve an effective and smooth transition of ownership of a business.

Borrowing and Lending Transactions

Whether you are borrowing or lending money, you need to know what your rights and obligations are. Future problems and litigation can be avoided by properly preparing the documents required to record the transaction. Our lawyers can advise you on your obligations and risks as a borrower, and can help you properly secure your loan if you are lending money.

Other Transactions

Johnston Ming Manning LLP can also give you legal advice and assist you in preparing documents with regard to many other commercial transactions including:

  • non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • registration and protection of intellectual property
  • buying, selling, or establishing a franchise
  • options to purchase and rights of first refusal
  • lease agreements and license agreements

We would be pleased to discuss your business and your legal services requirements with you at your convenience.

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